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Elfarina Z

Human Growth

Partner & Coach


Hi all, I'm Elfarina Zaid

I believe in a holistic approach to human growth. My coaching and training programs is designed to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential by focusing on personal and professional development.


Are you searching for a way to enhance the performance of your team? Either through custom designed training programs or through team coaching sessions, your team can reach higher productivity levels. One-on-one coaching sessions can help an individual to get clarity with regards to career development, people management and leadership skills, and much more. 

Do you have the type of questions you just keep going round in circles about? Do you might feel that your relationship is not reaching its full potential? Getting clarity around values, goals, expectations and desired outcomes is a powerful way to break through your normal thought –and behavioral patterns. 


For your

Coaching and training are different in their approach when it comes to people development. Training teaches someone new knowledge or skills. Coaching helps people to utilise their skills to full effect to achieve their maximum potential. Which method are you most interested in? 

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Team Building

Our team building workshops help teams improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. We use experiential learning activities to promote team bonding and create a positive work environment.

Change Management

Our change management consulting services help organizations navigate through change and transition. We work with leaders and teams to identify challenges and opportunities, and develop a change management plan that minimizes resistance and maximizes success.

Career Coaching

Our career coaching program helps individuals identify their strengths and passions, and develop a career plan that aligns with their values and goals. We provide guidance and support throughout the job search process, from resume writing to interview skills.

Our Approach

Coaching & Training

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